What is Web Design?

What is Web Design?

Web design is the infrastructure that offers digital assets such as text, visual, video and sound that can be accessed over the internet browser. The web site prepared by web design is expected to be in a structure that can be accessed by search engines and also accessible by mobile devices other than computers.

The web design business encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the design and maintenance of websites. Among the different areas of web design are content authoring, user experience design, search engine optimization and security, including web graphic design, interface design, coding and proprietary software.

Web Design Technologies

Technologies such as Html, Css, JavaScript and Php are used in web design. CMS (Content Management System), which has increased in recent years, are frequently used in web design projects. WordPress comes first. Besides WordPress, Drupal is preferred in Joomla.

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Marketing and Communication Effect

Marketing and communication design on a website can be decisive for reaching the target market. By considering the users with a certain profile, the web designer can design the web according to the trends. Content that can be used on the website can be prepared by taking into account factors such as age group, area of ​​interest and language they speak. In this way, the user interaction expected from the web design can be provided by reaching the target audience more easily, addressing them from the language they speak. In this process, it can be tested with different content versions and which one is more effective can be measured with A-B tests. You can access the tool offered by Google for these tests from this link.

Web Design Components

Planning: Expectations are determined from the website owner. The preparation process of the content and applications that will reach these goals is planned. For example, an enterprise that wants to sell products on the website should provide the preparation of professional images of its products. Web design works should be completed before the desired works such as 360 degree shots and image shots. There are important elements in a web design that determine the quality of the website. In addition to the visually striking elements in the first place, points such as content, originality and security are important features that affect the quality of the website.

Settlement: During the visit of the website of the user, a settlement should not be made difficult, it will easily reach what it is looking for, a settlement that is not visually tiring and not complicated.

Color Selection: The colors previously determined by the institution should be used carefully in the chosen location. Since these colors are generally used by the institution in the preparation of the logo, a selection other than this may cause confusion.

Visual Design: It covers all visual preparation to be used in web design. Works such as advertisement posters, online catalogs, professional product photographs to be used on the website should be evaluated within this scope.
Content Preparation: While preparing the content, it can be started by determining the possible words that potential visitors use in the search engine, which is the most important website traffic. You can also find the Google Trend service offered by Google to detect popular keywords from this link.
Test: After the web design project is completed, the access of the site, the content on the pages, the applications, if any, and possible problems should be eliminated. This test should be done on computers and mobile devices to test whether it works without any problems on each device. These tests should be done in different scanners with different devices and problems should be determined.

Security and Backup: The website becomes open to outside attacks after it is published. Security measures must be taken to be least affected by these attacks. It is necessary to be careful against malware by making use of security vulnerabilities on the site. By registering the website in Google Search Concole and following the Security Issues page in the Security and Manual Operations menu, the site can be monitored regularly. In addition, firewall plugins are also used for WordPress websites. It will help the site to take minimum damage in the face of such attacks in regular backups.

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Topics to always keep in mind in successful web design:

  1. Rather than your selfies and tastes, think of the expectations of your potential visitors, create a small, targeted and useful content
  2. Web design should be friendly to search engines (SEO compatible), all pages should be easily indexed, and should work smoothly on mobile devices.
  3. It should have a responsive web design infrastructure not only for adaptation to the search engine but also for the widespread mobile devices.
  4. Check the opening speed of the website, slow opening sites are less likely to retain visitors. Don’t be overlooked by the speed factor in order to rank high in the search engine
  5. All the content on your website, be original and useful.

Web Design Examples: 

You can examine some of the projects we have completed as Tr Web Design from the links below:

Web Design Firm

The web design firm provides services to the institutions to meet the website design needs of the institutions, to design mobile compatible and search engine friendly websites in the fastest way. A web design firm assists the relevant institution in all matters related to web design. While preparing the digital identity of the institution, the web design firm should analyze the needs and perform web design using the latest technological developments.

It is an important issue to get continuous and uninterrupted support from the web design firm in the process after the job is completed, such as updating, security, backup. By choosing to work with corporate companies, problems can be prevented in the next process.

You can examine the projects we have done as Tr Web Design company from the link here.